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Food Sovereignty for the Urbanite

Take control of your own food awareness event



Detroit, MI: Keep Growing Detroit is fighting back with food sovereignty! Today they announced a new series of online courses to be debut at fundraiser event on March 21st, 2021 from 12pm- 5pm.


This fundraising event will offer the public networking opportunities, refreshments, program and course preview, and the opportunity to purchase grow kits for the upcoming gardening season.


“It is time to learn what food sovereignty really means in time where one political upset has the power to cut off food to needing families,” says Travis Peters, Garden Resource Manager at Keep Growing Detroit. “We don’t want to be caught fighting in grocery stores for food during an emergency.” Poor diet and malnutrition are the number one indictors of declining healthy people in urban communities (Gallup, 2020). The 2020 pandemic put into perspective the possibility of restrictions of food and resources. Learning about nature and urban gardening provides residents additional tools for self-sustainability.


“The people who grow food for us, teach our kids, and deliver services are the least paid, while the folks who plunder the economy and policies or pretend on the screen, are some of the highest paid. We need a paradigm shift bad” states one of the leaders at a local non-profit, Keep Growing Detroit. 


Learn more about the event here and RSVP for your free gift. 


About Keep Growing Detroit:  Keep Growing Detroit nonprofit is on a mission to bring awareness to the urban city surround food sovereignty. KGD offers support, education, resources to local farmers and gardeners in an effort to bridge the gap for accessible food and urban farming awareness. 


Audrina Ross 

Keep Growing Detroit 





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