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Monthly Subscription Box

Living life naturally is not easy. Sometimes you just get stuck. LIFE BOX is your monthly support. Each month, with your subscription, you will receive a box loaded with natural, organic, vegan friendly products (not samples) for you to try and love. Included with each box is your access to our monthly Natural Living Magazine app, which will give you tips on how to address different concerns regarding health, fitness, and it will include some great vegan recipes. This is the support you have been looking for along your natural living journey. Get on the list!

What is it?

A new and fun way to explore living a plant-based , natural lifestyle for $49.99/ month. Cancel anytime.

What do I get?

A monthly arrival of 4 or more vegan, natural, organic products and an app subscription filled with daily meditation, yoga, health tips, recipes, and insight for living naturally.

How do I get it?

Join the list and you will be sent an email when the box is available for purchase on Black Friday. Once signed up, you will automatically renew every 21st of the  month.


Each month, we hand pick the perfect product based on the theme for the month. Your box will arrive to your mailbox full of products you will absolutely love!

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