Examine your Problem Areas

When you have made the decision to incorporate healthier

habits into your daily life, it can be a bit overwhelming.

After all, a quick internet search will yield thousands

upon thousands of suggestions. If you’re feeling a bit

overwhelmed, know that you are not alone and we are here

to help!

The first question always is, or should be, is where to


An easy place to begin your new lifestyle is to look at

where you're currently sitting, and where you eventually

want to be.

You start this with running over your day to day life

with a fine tooth comb and making small changes. Most

people are creatures of habit, so this may not be the

most comfortable task.

But it’s a good idea to address your problem areas first!

For example, if you're somewhat of a sedentary person

then you'll definitely want to start exercising. But you

can’t just go from being a couch potato to hitting the gym

for an hour every day. Your body just isn’t used to it.

Not only will you have to gradually incorporate physical

activity into your life, you’ll also have to address the

pink elephant in the room: why haven't I been exercising

all along?

Find out your reasons and change them, whether you commit

to waking up earlier or cut back on your evening couch time.

Or perhaps one of your problem areas has to do with nutrition.

If that’s the case, you’re not alone! So many of us love to

pull out our smartphones and get food delivered. A lot.

But while it's fine to treat yourself from time to time, it's

not something that you should do every day. So, ask yourself,

why am I always getting food delivered?

Is it for the convenience or the taste? If you just love

certain food, then search for healthy ways to make it at home.

And if you're doing it more for the convenience, then join

the many people who are all about food prep!

If you work outside of the home, then chances are good that

you have a vending machine full of sugary and high-fat snacks,

and that’s a recipe for disaster when those mid-morning and

late-afternoon hunger pangs kick in.

When we get hungry, we tend to eat with our eyes first.

Vow to prepare your snacks for the week and bring them in,

making sure you don't get that three o'clock candy bar!

If you’d like even more tips on how to make small, lasting

changes that will add to your quality of life, then head on

over to One Medical.

They have your best interest in mind with some amazing

nutritional hacks. It won’t be long before your local

restaurant is calling you to see if you’re okay!

That’s it for today!

Love and Light

-Audrina D

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