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The Naturalista Project

A wellness spot in the middle of nature? Sounds crazy, but the world is not what it once was. People are unhealthy and the Earth is nearing the point of no return. However, there is still time to make a difference for Earth’s sake and our sake. The Naturalista Project is a grassroots initiative aimed at helping people connect to the vitality of natural and plantbased living through our eco wellness experience. The Naturalista Project is designed to provide farm to table food, overnight stays in eco treehouses, glamping, school and non-profit partnerships, and outdoor based experiences led by our knowledgeable staff.  



Eco Treehouses

Escape to nature in an eco-treehouse and simply disconnect. The cozy eco-houses are powered by solar energy and adorned in nature. Guests can enjoy their night fire side with s'mores or simply taking in the view of a perfect night’s sky. Nearby, guest can enjoy horseback riding trails, mountain bike and hiking trails, or even relax kayaking or canoeing at Alafia River.



All you need is dirt and a seed. There is something satisfying about growing food that goes beyond nourishing your body. Guests on the property will benefit from meals straight from the garden. Our greenhouse initiative will teach all who stop by the importance of farm to table food.

Green House
Looking at Crops



Our partnerships with local non-profits and schools will provide children an unique opportunity to play in the dirt and learn about agriculture. 



Take camping to another level with our family friendly nature experiences. Glamping is where nature meets luxury and guests are able to enjoy both.

Romantic Tent
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